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Techwomen Zimbabwe,A Cradle for female led innovations!

Technovation Challenge Zimbabwe

Techwomen Zimbabwe has been coordinating the Technovation Challenge in Zimbabwe. To date over 200 young girls have participated in this international mobile app development and entrepreneurship competition. The girls have been building mobile apps to solve problems in their communities. Each year girls between the ages of10-18 team up to build innovative applications.

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Techwomen Zimbabwe has developed this disruptive technology programme to build the next generation of female technology entreprenuers with state of the art skills and know-how to change how we view technology. Based upon the premise that women are problem and solution driven and are immediately drawn to programmes in which they can make a difference e.g. medicine, Techwomen Zimbabwe is demystifying Technology so that women can see the application and use of Technology to help their communities and save lives!

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Pamusha Technology Village

Pamusha is a digital skills training programme for omen and girls in the rural and marganilised community. Through this programme Techwomen Zimbabwe reaches out to women and girls in different communities to facilitate bridging the digital gender divide and help remove barriers in participating in Technology.

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Bridging the digital Gender Divide: Part 2

While the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Sector continues to grow and bring employment opportunities, statistics have however shown that women continue to be a marginalized group when it comes to ICT. Global trends indicate that the uptake of ICTs by women stands at 29% while anecdotal evidence points towards an even lower uptake in

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Bridging the digital Gender Divide: Part 1

The Government of Zimbabwe is committed to the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality, and is party to several international, regional and sub-regional human rights instruments that protect and promote women’s rights.[1] In addition, Zimbabwe has also chosen Millennium Development Goal 3 (MDG3) focusing on promoting gender equality and women empowerment as one of

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Brown Bag Seminar: UNDP, UNWomen and Techwomen Zimbabwe

Techwomen Zimbabwe (TWZ) is an organization that exists to promote, educate and mentor women and girls to participate in key socio-economic activities through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  150 girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 23 participated in the TWZ run  Technovation Challenge, a global technology and entrepreneurship program, where

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